Welcome Letter

Dear Letter Writers,


In a world whose default is to circumvent our words or at best offer a litany of euphemisms as substitutes for our existence, these are letters from us. Here, disabled people share their message with a direct intimacy that only letters can provide.

We write letters as a way to remember, to acknowledge one another, to mark the passage of time, to treasure as keepsakes, to divulge our wildest dreams, to impart our love, to advocate for change, to express solidarity, or to insist that this was a moment worth sharing. Letters are powerful and necessary because each one conveys a message that is reflective of a moment in time that in the future can be rediscovered anew. A letter is a bridge that we build between “Dear…” and “Sincerely yours...” each one becomes a timeless pathway we traverse every time it is read and reread.

The letters on this site are for anyone in search of something. Something that is in between a solution and a guide. Something messy that is laden with frustration and indignation. Something that is not quite easy comfort or placating gestures. Something that captures the reality of this moment and still offers brazen aspirations for a new tomorrow. Something that has sat wedged in the guts of a person for so long that in its emergence we can envision the collective sigh of relief.

You might come across a sense of familiarity and kindred spirits among the moments shared in these letters. Or maybe you will discover the trust that comes with sharing your words, and from reading someone else’s letter. The thing is that whatever it is you seek, here you will find a timeless collective of us.

In power and community,

Sandy Ho